Rune PC


Below are some of our client success stories. Feel free to contact us and leave your own testimonial. We appreciate all forms of feedback in order to better the way we do business.

"Terrific! My motherboard went out on my HP laptop. After getting a quote of about $800 at Best Buy, and being told I'd better off buying a new computer, Rune PC not only fixed my problem for FAR less just $280, they were responsive and knowledgeable, and fixed it quickly, as promised. It only took 4 days to order the part and install it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR COMPUTER REPAIRS! I've been fed up with computer problems and repair places, and had a terrific experience here!"
By Robbie of St. Petersburg, FL

"This business had my desktop fixed within 24 hours after it caught a virus from the internet. I was extremely satisfied with the work and I haven't had a problem since then. If I do though I will definitely give them a call."
By Vince of St. Petersburg, FL

"My PC was completely locked down. I couldn't get past the windows welcome screen due to a virus that I got from who knows where? One of the guys who works there came to my place and within 2 hours my computer was back to normal. I hated having to get my computer fixed in the first place, but Rune PC took some of the edge off. Thanks"
By Eric of Houston, TX

"I needed a very complex virus removed, and they were able to effectively remove it within hours. It was so quick I was shocked. I will definitely use Rune PC when I have these problems in the future, cause I'm sure I will. Just never know when!"
By Mark Ellena of Sarasota, FL

"Joe setup my home network for me and even showed me how to use it. Very nice guy, I recommend his services to anyone."
By Tom Gerue of Tampa, FL