Rune PC

St. Petersburg Computer Repair

When it comes to computer repair and maintenance in st petersburg, who wants to try to do it over the phone? If you’re the one making all of the "repairs" from the instructions given to you by phone or net, why are you paying someone else to do it? Would you give your PC to a complete stranger and trust them with your personal files?

Computer repairs need to be done "in-person", so that the customer stays informed and knows where their equipment is. Computer repair is an area where having a bigger business doesn’t automatically mean that services will be better or cheaper; in most cases the very opposite is true. Without having direct access to your hardware there is no way for a technician to accurately assess your concerns.

Why Choose Rune PC?

Rune PC has been the St. Petersburg "go-to" company for computer repair since 2008. Experience, lightening fast service, professional suggestions, and friendly support staff are just a few of the things that Rune PC offers to its customers. Our outstanding St. Petersburg staff will even repair your computer right in front of you if possible. We offer our clients only the most up-to-date service methods for any kind of hardware or software that you might have in your possession. We like to take the extra step and give our customers what they need in addition to what they may want. It’s our job to make sure you (the customer) fully understand your unique situation; and if necessary, we’ll recommend additions or upgrades to further enhance your experience and security as necessary.

Convientantly Located In The Heart Of St. Petersburg

Our primary corporate office is located in downtown St. Petersburg. WE DO HOUSE CALLS.

Services offered:

• Operating System installation
• Virus removal
• Spyware / Malware removal
• Software Installation
• Software Debugging
• Software Upgrades
• Hardware Upgrades

You don’t need to be a technical wiz, we’ve got that department covered; in no time you’ll be right back up and running. Rune PC can offer you complete computer repair and maintenance as well any number of web development services. If you have a question about anything computer related, chances are WE CAN ANSWER IT.

These days, everyone has a website; now is the time to get yours up and running. If you’ve ever wanted to craft a site but found it too confusing, expensive or time consuming; give us a chance to bring your dreams to life. Our full service PC repair department is matched by our full service web development division; our team of experts can literally do it all.

• Website creation
• Logo / banner design
• Graphic design
• (LAN) setup
• Domain Registration
• Link Submission
• Diagnostics / Statistics
• One-on-one support
• Firewall

Rune PC is St. Petersburg Premier Computer Repair Solution For A Reason!

Coming from a background in network systems administration from the US Navy, Joe Creuzer knows what it takes to get the job done right. “Most of the work I was doing before starting my own business was crucial to the safety of my crew; in situations like that, mistakes aren’t tolerated very well”, says Joe. “I started my own company with the goal of providing top notch face to face service; it’s kind of a "lost art" among businesses these days. ” Joe’s dream is to give his customers exactly what they want for their money ’and more’. “That’s been the key to our success at Rune PC, giving people more than they bargained for; most companies just won’t go the extra mile, we do every day. ”