Rune PC

Clearwater Computer Repair

Rune PC is Clearwater Florida’s answer to swift, honest and affordable computer repair. If you’re looking for computer repair or services ask yourself these important questions before deciding on a company:

• Do I want to do my repairs by myself with instruction from someone on the phone?
• If I actually fix the problem myself, why do I need to pay someone else?
• Do I feel comfortable giving my PC to someone I’ve never met?
• Will my tech look through my files or delete them?
• Is my service company even trying to fix my problems, or is my hardware just laying on a shelf somewhere?
• Do I really want to send my computer through the mail?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you don’t need to seek the services of a large repair corporation, because those are the kind of things they’re offering you. Using a local company for your computer repair is the most rational choice when you’re having technical difficulties. The level of personal service you get from an experienced technician in a face-to-face setting is unmatched by any other method. When looking for computer repair companies, keep Rune PC at the top of your list.

Clearwaters Choice For Reliable Computer Repair

Of all the places you can go for computer repair and maintenance in Clearwater, the most recognized and trusted name has to be Rune PC. There is a local team stationed conveniently within the city limits for all Clearwater residents to take advantage of; they are ready at a moments notice and make certified house calls: 727-755-3493.

It’s hard to fix a car if you can’t physically see or touch it. When you need car repairs you don’t phone up your mechanic and have him walk you through the repairs. Computer repair is comparable to automotive repair in most regards. For a technician to accurately address any problems, they need to establish a physical presence with the equipment they are repairing. Why send your computer through the mail where it’s not safe and it takes too long to see results. Rune PC will come to you, and repair your PC right before your very eyes.

Rune PC has been Clearwater’s preferred computer repair business for several years, beginning with its inception in 2008. Much of Rune PC’s success is directly related to their swift service, affordable prices and honest assessments.

727-755-3493; WE DO HOUSE CALLS.

Rune PC Can Do It All, There’s No Job Too Big Or Small!

Services offered:
• Software Upgrades
• Hardware Upgrades
• Operating System installation
• Virus removal
• Software Installation
• Software Debugging
• Spyware / Malware removal

Our goal is to minimize the amount of down time that you experience. We’ll fix your computer, even if you don’t fully understand what you problem is. In addition to standard repair, one of our friendly support technicians may offer you personalized suggestions for hardware or software upgrades, to be used at your own discretion. It’s our job to make sure you are well informed and know how to defend yourself.

If you need a website for personal or business purposes, you’re in luck… Because we also have an excellent web development team that can do just about anything you can think of; including but not limited to:

• Graphic design
• Domain Registration
• SEO Link Submission
• Statistics
• Personal support
• Firewall
• Website creation
• Logo / banner design
• (LAN) setup

A Brief History Of Rune PC

“If you want it done right the first time, and at the right price, call Rune PC today! ”

Founder of Rune PC Joe Creuzer knows computers and networking, he was trained by the US Navy and served as a systems administrator. “I love everything about computers, networks, and the net” says Joe, “Rune PC is a part of my family. ” Joe set out to create a company that would offer all of the services and perks that bigger companies in the industry couldn’t (or wouldn’t) offer. “My goal with this business is to offer my customers the swiftest service, the most honest advice, and the most affordable prices. ”