Rune PC

Tampa Computer Repair

In the busy city of Tampa who has time to waste? Tired of writing emails, and chatting with "support staff" from who knows where? Want to talk to someone "live" about your computer woes? Sick of having to send your hardware through the mail to someone you don't even know or trust; with no assurances that your equipment will find its way home?

The big business works pretty well for most industries, but there are some where the model doesn't apply so well… Computer repair and maintenance is one of those industries. It just isn't logistically sound to rely on someone that's not local for computer service. Until a technician is actually staring at the problem in front of them, they cannot address your problem(s) with any degree of accuracy. Big companies rely on a lot of "guess work", smaller companies rely on results.

When it comes to computer repair in Tampa, Rune Pc sets the gold standard

When it comes to computer repair and maintenance, Rune PC has been a Tampa mainstay since 2008. With a large directory of satisfied customers and an ever increasing list of services to choose from, Rune PC is THE #1 choice for all computer repair related concerns in the Tampa area. Being on the cutting edge of technology is essential for any tech related service, Rune PC is that and more; they have experience in servicing all types of hardware and software currently in the market. Computer repair is all about providing exactly what the customer wants, and what they need. Taking the time to explain to customers exactly what they need in order to be up-to-date and safe in these tepid times is what we try to offer as a bonus to our clients.

We understand that not everyone is a technical guru; with the level of service that we offer, you don't have to be. Rune PC is a full service computer repair and web development company; its on-site staff can provide answers to all of those tough questions that you probably won't find honest answers to on the net. Other businesses will try to "hustle" you out of your money in much the same way that a dishonest mechanic might. We are all about taking the time to explain things to our customers in language that they can understand. We want to help you keep your equipment in the best condition possible, and at the most affordable prices. There's no job too big or too small for this multi-faceted business to handle.

Computer Repair Made Easy!

If you are new to the PC market or just looking to upgrade, you'll definitely want to come check out our large selection of pre-loaded computer packages. In addition to the hardware that we have in stock, we also have tons of software available. “If you want it done right the first time, and at the right price, call Rune PC today!”

Typical services offered:
• Virus removal
• Software Installation
• Software Upgrades
• Hardware Upgrades

This Tampa based tech company's services don't stop at computer repair though, Rune PC also offers:

• Large selection of pre-loaded computers
• Web development services
• Website creation
• Website maintenance
• Logo design / banner design
• Graphic design
• Network (LAN) setup
• Diagnostics
• One-on-one support / instruction
• Firewall / security setup
• Phone line installation
• Remote assistance
• And much, much more!

A little about the founder of Rune PC Tampa

Rune PC was founded by Joseph Creuzer. Joe got his primary technical training with the US navy, specializing in network systems administration. After becoming dissatisfied with level and types of services that he saw "big" companies offering; Joe decided to launch his own company. After realizing that the prominent computer repair companies were all automated with an "off-site" support staff, Mr. Creuzer saw an opportunity to bring back the type of service that was sorely lacking in the industry; affordable and honest face to face service. “I just really wanted to give to my customers exactly what I would expect from a company offering these types of services”, says Joe.