Rune PC


Rune PC began with the idea that the computer service market was cluttered with a lack of services, massive costs, and unsatisfied customers as a result of distracted computer service businesses. There are huge national chains with squads of geeks driving funny looking cars; but the problem there is that they are huge national chains. We offer a friendlier alternative to big box stores and their computer techs that treat you and your computer like just another number. We operate with drastically lower overhead and more flexibility, passing the savings on to you.

Along with highly technical backgrounds, our technicians' genuine love for technology and eagerness to find your solution is a successful combination. Experiencing computer problems may be frustrating, and we take joy in easing your concerns and issues. We look forward to taking care of you and all of your technical issues, questions, and projects.

Trusted Navy Systems Administrator

You are in good hands with a member of the staff, a former cryptologist and systems administrator who worked aboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier for several years. After that, he relocated permanently to the Pinellas area to fix, build, and maintain computers full-time.